Sometimes a DJ just hits it right on the nail. Mastery at a young age. Incredibly sophisticated play with sounds and rhythm from Mees Dierdorp, Amsterdam. No words for this trip. Let him take you away.

DJ Messiah

In the religion of post-modernity, the DJ his the Three-in-one, Father, Son and Holy Ghost.

Faithless has a lot of faith in dance music with their 90’s hit:

God is a DJ – Faithless (1999)
“This is my church…”

What is dance without a DJ? The DJ is the savior, the messiah:

Last night a DJ saved my life – Indeep (1983)

Kids choir – us happy

The synthesizer plays a multitude of human voices, as if from a choir. Somehow this stirs us deeper than a single voice. We want to ‘sing’ together.

It reminds me of that 80’s DISCO oddball song ‘Happy Song’ from Baby’s Gang.