Arpeggio’s for live sets

Arpeggio is a key musical trick for a DJ to create live dance music. Simply put, the kit/synthesizer will play the separate notes of a chord in a rhythm and sequence to your liking, nicely, without missing a beat.  A nice set of examples can be  found here.

My first encounter with arpeggio was with Jean Michel Jarre in his beautiful ‘Arppegiator’ from the Concerts in China. But it is as old as Bach.

Simple pleasure and pain

What makes a dance hit? It wasn’t the intention of DJ Ida Engberg to create one. And then she accidentaly did with ‘Disco Volante’ in 2007. I think the essence of this hit is a mix of pleasure and pain. The pleasure is in it’s pure simplicty. The pain is in the syncopic rhythm, that is waiting to be resolved, waiting for the release.

A good DJ knows when and how long to cause pain… see also her Awakenings set at this point. How long does it take? Count…

Trance remix-remixed

Some songs form a base for many versions and remixes, like Alena’s, “Turn it around” trance hit:

Try this query:

Or see 27 official versions listed here:

Is there a way to find the song that has the most remixes ever?

Progressive evolution

According to Wikipedia, the progressive house style started with the band Leftfield and their song ‘Not forgotten’:

A current Dutch (pure) Progressive DJ like DepGlobe (Hilbrand Wouters) created his latest and excellent progressive ‘live set’ like this:

The interesting thing to look for the ‘state of the art’ or the ‘masters’ of any genre, is to ask a master like DepGlobe for his source of inspiration. The answer: Hernán Cattáneo:


Sometimes a DJ just hits it right on the nail. Mastery at a young age. Incredibly sophisticated play with sounds and rhythm from Mees Dierdorp, Amsterdam. No words for this trip. Let him take you away.

DJ Messiah

In the religion of post-modernity, the DJ is the Three-in-one, Father, Son and Holy Ghost.

Faithless has a lot of faith in dance music with their 90’s hit:

God is a DJ – Faithless (1999)
“This is my church…”

What is dance without a DJ? The DJ is the savior, the messiah:

Last night a DJ saved my life – Indeep (1983)